Presentation Reflection

I learned a lot from my presentation. I got to learn about sleep deprivation. I think overall I did well, I was even able to meet the requirements. For my next presentation I will try to be louder when I speak. I could have made my presentation a bit shorter. I wish that I would have made the presentation quicker. If I could present my presentation again I would speed up. Now, that I reflected on my presentation my next one will be better.

Documentary Smore/Padlet Audience Reflection

Below is a list of documentaries that teenagers should watch

  • #1- “The Hunting Ground” the documentary is about female students that attend college and become victims of sexual assault. The students go on a journey to make people aware of what’s happening and the film’s purpose was to make everyone aware of the scary part of college that can happen to anyone. This film is important to watch because it will make people cautious when enjoying college life.    Image result for hunting ground
  • #2- “CitizenFour” this documentary is about the government’s relationship to phones. The audience will learn about what the government can see what you’re doing on their cellphones and collects information on the user. The information learned from this film can cause many different emotions. This film is important because teenagers will be more careful with what they decide to do on their cellphones. Image result for citizenfour
  •  #3- “Bowling for Columbine” This documentary is about the columbine massacre and talks about the NRA. The film explores deaths from firearms in Canada and compares it to America’s rate. This is an important film for teenagers because school shootings are a reality and by gaining knowledge on the situations school shootings will soon come to an end. result for bowling for columbine
  • #4- “Super Size Me” This documentary is about a man who eats McDonald’s for 30 days straight for all three meals. The film teaches people about obesity and health conditions. This is important for teenagers to watch because it will make people see the consequences of unhealthy eating hopefully making teens want to eat better.

Image result for super size me

  • #5- “Into the Abyss” this documentary is about punishment for 3 teens that killed someone. The film shows teens what could happen for committing murders. This film is important for teenagers because it informs them what could happen if they committed a murder in hopes they won’t do it. result for into the abyss documentary


Advice For Future High School Students

  • Don’t be nervous when you get here, it is not as bad as it seems
  • Always do your work and study whenever you can
  • Get involved in sports or clubs
  • Have as much fun as you can
  • When you are stress out with with take a break and come back to it
  • Try not to overwhelm yourself
  • Create a good relationship with you’re teachers
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure
  • During state wide tests relax and take your time completing it
  • Take classes that interest you, but talk to your counselor to see which classes to take that will help your future career
  • Make friends and then make friends with their friends
  • If you need more time for an assignment due to personal reasons talk to your teacher
  • Volunteer to answer questions in class, it will help you get more knowledge that way
  • You will need 40 hours of community service hours as well, so try and get that out of the way as soon as possible
  • If you plan on taking overload make sure you are ready for that
  • Try to take all the classes needed to graduate the first three years of high school so, that during your senior year you will mostly be taking elective classes

Pro-Con Prescription Drugs

The article “Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised Directly to Customers?” it talks about the pros and cons of prescription drugs being advertised. In the article it states that it will make people talk to their doctors about their symptoms. On the con side of the article it says that prescription drug users will be mislead due to insecurity and ignorance. Another pro is that the advertisements will help get profits that is needed. A con that is also from the article says that the people who will watch the ads will start to think that the drugs on the Tv will cure whatever problem they seem to have and they will continue to buy the drugs thinking it will help them reach a maximum point in their life and be pain free. I think that the prescription drugs should not be advertised directly to customers. People with hypochondria will be using drugs thinking they are having issues and that can be bad and dangerous for them. I think that there are lots of pros and cons to this topic. Over using drugs and misuse altogether isn’t good and if the drugs were really needed they would have been prescribed by their doctor. That is the intentions of the ads, to get people to think they want the drugs shown and get money for it. The website is accurate because there isn’t any side that is more leaned on it has both sides being discussed. Do you think that potentially there could possibly be more or less deaths from prescription drugs because of the advertisements? What type of emotions/feelings does prescription drugs ads cause you to feel?

Black History Month Photo Challenge

Michael Jackson was an inspirational African- American for me and everyone in the world.Michael was a singer, dancer, and song writer.He was the king of pop and was very popular among every race. Michael Jackson was the first black artist to be shown on MTV. Jackson’s song that was played was Billie Jean. Jackson as an artist was always inspirational, but MTV only featured white artists on the channel and he broke the color barrier. Racism existed for a long time and for a black person to be on a channel for white people was just phenomenal and shocked people everywhere. Jackson caused everyone to mimic him and become a singer because of all his talent. Because of Michael, black artists are always shown on MTV. He made a positive impact on his race for years to come. Michael created an example for people of color to follow and anyone trying to make a difference. Segregation very much happened and it even happened with who was shown on tv and each channel. Michael Jackson as a person cared about people and the world. Jackson wrote and sang songs all the time about making a change. This is another example of how Michael tried to make a difference. Songs like “Heal the World” and “Earth Song” not only makes you want to sing and dance, but also help save the planet.This is why Michael Jackson is so inspirational along with more of the countless things he did. 

Social Issue Research Topic

What is your social issue?

A.) My social issue is whether or not the legal age for driving should be raised or not and if so to what age.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

A.) It is such a social issue because teens are inexperienced and could potentially hurt themselves and others because of the lack of experience. People sometimes think that the legal should stay at 16 or even be lowered.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?

A.) My proposed situation is that the legal age for driving should be raised to 17 or 18 considering the minimum age in order to get a permit would be 17 as well. I think this is the best solution because the teen death rate will decrease even more than it has.

What are pros to your solution?

A.) My pros are that there will be fewer teen deaths that studies have discovered, teens will be much safer if the legal age is raised, that teens will gain more knowledge and will have more experience, teens will learn to be smarter when driving, and the roads will be safer because teens will drive better.

What are cons to your solution?

A.) The cons are that teens will not be able to get to work/school, the same issued faced with younger teens are just shifted on to the older young adults, and the freedom that teens get from being able to drive will be taken away.

Questions to audience: 1.) Does my topic have a good counter argument?

2.) Is this a relevant topic overall?


My Favorite Superbowl ads

The purpose of this ad was to entertain by making people laugh and to persuade people to buy tide. The message of this ad was that people used Tide and it cleans clothes. The people in the commercials have people wearing clean clothes, so they are basically sponsoring Tide because everyone wants clean clothes. The intended audience was everyone who likes clean clothes.



The purpose of this ad was to entertain and persuade people to buy Doritos and mountain dew. The message was that Doritos and Mountain Dew both have new products coming out that everyone should try. The intended audience was for everyone who likes those two products.


This ad was created to entertain, inform, and persuade people. The ad was letting people know about the Superbowl while still making people laugh. The message was telling people to tune in for the Superbowl. The intended audience was any sports fans


Play-doh Creations

The item I created was a cheeseburger with fries. The burger has a patty, cheese, and pickles. The fries are miniature just like the burger. I made a cheeseburger and fries because I am a foodie. I enjoy eating and making food for my family and myself. When I go to my favorite restaurant or I get the chance to make my favorite food and eat it I would. A cheeseburger was the last thing I remember eating, so that’s part of the reason for choosing that kind of food. The other classmates made things like a famous meme, a face, a musical note, or a snake. With this assignment I started by playing around with the play-doh to figure out what I wanted to create. Once I decided what I wanted to make I went and creates it. This assignment compares to my thinking process because I take these similar steps in order to complete any tasks. The rhetorical played a role in my assignment as well. The intended audience was the teacher and a few of my classmates. The purpose of this was to find out my creative process for doing things. The design of my project was giving me a chance to discover myself, basically what I will used to describe myself with the play-doh. I think my stance is being given the opportunity to create something on my own. Overall, this was a good assignment to learn from and take a break from our original summative assignment.

Should Abortion Be Allowed?

The nation is split on deciding this topic. 52% of people are pro-choice while 31% are pro-life. This is such a sensitive topic. Personally, no one should decide for the mother if they should keep the baby or not. No one denies that the unborn child itself isn’t human. We had an African-American president that didn’t support legislation that bans the choice of abortion or to protect the unborn child that has survived the abortion process. It was be impossible for everyone to agree that an unborn child is to be considered a human with full rights. If an unborn child is considered human than the choice for abortion is irrelevant. It is also said that if the child isn’t human then the arguments would be unnecessary. Judith Jarvis Thomson and David Boonin argues that isn’t about the moral status of the unborn child, but it is of the bodily rights of pregnant women. Moral claims are what people have to do and moral claims are regarding what people believe. You can learn from this topic that abortion choices are not all simplistic or un-reflective. If someone can answer the question to what and who they are then they would be able to make a decision based on abortion.

More About Me

To describe myself I used certain words that I think are important. The most important adjectives to me are respectful and trustworthy. Those are the most important because I find them to be the most important qualities to posse. The other words are just as important, but I think trustworthiness and respectfulness are the best qualities to have since most people don’t have it.